Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is it really 56 degrees?

Green Heron
I couldn't believe it was really 56 degrees this morning in the middle of July. Our weather certainly is getting more and more erratic.

I didn't really think I could make it over to the park this weekend, but an email from Mary Lou made me determined to get over there, first thing this morning. She said she had seen a family of three green herons flying back and forth across the river near Florrie's path.

As I headed down to the river, I took a brief look at the pond and saw my favorite blue heron! I love the way it comes in late July and stays until September. Of course I like to think it's the same bird.
Young Mockingbird

Down by the river, sitting on a bare branch was one of the green herons. I was thrilled. It let me take a quick pictures and then off it flew to the other side of the river and it started poking around for something good to eat. The phoebe is still in it's nest and the barn swallow is now sitting in her nest around the corner!

The wood thrush was singing somewhere in the woods near the JCC. It's so soothing to listen to. Puts one in a great mood. Woodcock meadow was very quiet save for two house wrens in what seemed to be a singing match. I checked the pond again, and this time saw the mother mallard with three youngsters. As I watched, a fourth one appeared only it was clearly the strange, little duckling we thought was a baby wood duck and as it is now about two weeks older, it is definitely a wood duck as the patch near its eye is getting quite distinct. I really am wondering if this mallard has adopted the little wood duck. We've seen no sign of the parents.

Rose of Sharon - Hummer Treat
I had heard from Paul this week and he had seen a hummingbird in a Rose of Sharon towards the back of the upper gardens. I was so hoping to see it. Not only did I see one, but I saw a second one that I am sure was a baby. It was still quite spotted looking. They really do love the Rose of Sharon and I saw them head over there several times.

The grapes are out and that whole area was very attractive to the bird life today. I saw the baby orioles which are now trying to fend for themselves, catbirds, baby mockingbirds, yellow warblers, young rose-breasted grosbeaks, robins, flickers, goldfinches and song sparrows. The red-bellied woodpecker was out with his bright red head and a cardinal that looked so bright in the sun, I almost thought it must be a tanager.

All the gardens are looking spectacular - especially after the nice rain we had.

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