Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Warblers are Here!!!

It's true - they're here along with lots of different kinds of sparrows, none of which I could easily identify!

Today was overcast, but quite warm (60's). At various times the sun tried to come out and may yet succeed. I was first greeted in the lower gardens with a mockingbird singing it's heart out with every conceivable song you could imagine. Was it a young one practicing for next year?

Saw one distinctive palm warbler and others that I wasn't sure about. I went back and forth between thinking they were pine warblers, then black polls, then drab palm warblers because they were slightly on the larger side for a warbler. This is when I get really frustrated and need someone with more experience with me. Saw several female yellowthroats one of which is pictured here. Also saw an almost grayish brown warbler with white wing bars that I have absolutely no idea what it could have been.

In the upper gardens, I was captivated by a tiny little bird with white eye rings, rather olivey with some yellow. It flitted here and there and couldn't sit still for a second. It wasn't until it flew to the ground and I could look down on it that I saw a tiny little patch of red on top of it's head and I realized this must be the Ruby Crowned Kinglet that I've been dying to see - my very first sighting!!!!!! Also saw a beautiful olivey yellow much larger bird preening itself in a tree branch. It had a pale yellow eyebrow and couldn't figure out what it was but here is a rather poor picture in case anyone else can identify it.

Toward the back of the upper gardens were tons of different kinds of sparrows but again, I just couldn't figure out what they were. Saw what I'm pretty sure was a Nashville warbler, but possibility it was a Connecticut. Unfortunately, I had to leave (because I could have stayed all day!) but as I got to the path I saw my new friend the baby turtle I had seen last weekend and got it's picture.

P.S. Saw that Caroline (our Carolina wren) has arrived in our backyard! That means the Juncos should be arriving soon...

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