Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring!

Today was sunny and about 51 degrees at 7:45. The park was filled with our regulars, all very busy and excited. A pair of mallards has moved in to the flooded swamp for the time being. Song sparrows are perched everywhere singing like crazy. The cardinals are often high up in the trees singing as well. A goldfinch down by the river in transitional feather garb was pouring his heart out for all to hear. The red winged blackbird I've been hearing is now visible to me across the river and screeching it's buzzy song. And I'm sure he is surrounded by many friends now.

My big treat down by the river was a little golden-crowned kinglet flitting here and high up in a tree. The path is still quite flooded, but slowly receding.

I am very excited to hear about Haynes' bluebird and tree swallow sightings. Two pairs? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Ian saw the bluebirds yesterday as well. The register has brand new pages in it for the first day of spring if anyone wants to write in it.

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