Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pee Wees at the Park!

It was a beautiful morning. A nice temperature and sunny. When I arrived in the lower gardens I heard the "kreeeeet" of the great crested flycatcher, but never caught a glimpse of him. As I walked down the little path I saw for the first time, a woodchuck! I could see it because of the newly cleared plot and it quickly disappeared into the brush.

It seemed pretty busy this morning. Yellow warblers were out and about. Some of them must have nestlings already because I saw one warbler carrying a fecal sac in her mouth and dumping it as she flew. I think she may have a nest in somewhere in the middle of the gardens. I saw this beautiful female yellow warbler which was nice because I mostly see the males, singing. Saw the house wrens, what I think was a ruby crowned kinglet, tree swallows, more shrews, house finches and our arch enemy "Little Hitler" the killer house sparrow. As I was about to head up to the upper gardens, a beautiful flycatcher appeared at the top of the favored old fruit tree in the lower gardens. It had a beautiful yellow wash on its belly and I knew it was a flycatcher, but it was too small for a great crested. I had myself talked into it being the Eastern phoebe when luckily Ian turned up. He had heard it when he arrived and identified it as the Willow flycatcher. We don't see these everyday at Nahanton so that was nice, although I think I remember seeing one with Ian later in the summer last year, down near the soccer field.

Ian and I walked around the rest of the park together. This time we saw two woodchucks! Mr. Bluebird came and fed his babies, while Mrs. B looked on from a branch nearby. We saw three male cowbirds sitting on a garden fence. Ian heard a pee wee coming from the woods. We tried to investigate but couldn't see the bird, even though we knew it was right near us.

Oriole dad was feeding babies in nest down near the soccer field. Saw mama mallard and her seven babies in the pond and the goose family with their three babies swimming in the river. We walked through the woods behind the JCC and there was another pee wee singing from a bare branch pretty low down, so we got a great view of it.

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