Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting for Migrants!

Robin Tree
Got to the park around 7:45 a.m. Not as nice as yesterday, but very pleasant. I saw Mary Lou arrive just as I was getting my stuff out of the car, so we walked around together and were joined shortly by Ian.

There was a large number of robins congregating in the lower gardens and many of them were hanging out in these large groups in various trees. Saw many juncos, blue jays and song sparrows. A house finch couple was seen hanging out at the top of the tree in the middle of the gardens. Mockingbirds were present, some of them chasing robins and there were several chickadees flitting here and there. Mary Lou was hoping to see a fox sparrow and so was I since Jane had seen one a few days ago but alas, it was not to be today.
Lady Bluebird and her Fine Jewels

We headed to the upper gardens where we saw the bluebird couple again and I had to take a picture of the female bluebird, looking very feminine atop her jewelry stand with silver beads hanging! Husband still standing sentinal on the purple birdhouse. Finally saw a few goldfinches (they seemed noticeably absent the last few times I was there) so that was a nice treat. Cardinals were singing up a storm. No sign of American tree sparrows. Are they gone already?
Sleeping Mallard Couple

Worked our way through the woods and down to the river. The pond is suddenly melting, but didn't see much there except a few song sparrows. Down by the river we saw some geese and mallard couples as well as the couple I have pictured that was sleeping together in some standing water near the soccer fields.

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