Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nahanton is the place to be. Love is in the air!

Mourning Dove Couple
Today it was 43 degrees when I arrived and sunny but at least I was dressed for it unlike yesterday.

Lots of excitement going on in the lower gardens! Robins flitting about, catbirds gurgling, yellow warblers singing, swallows chittering, song sparrows on their bandstands, chickadees, titmice, cowbirds and a pair of white throated sparrows singing their song.

And how can you not fall in love with this loving pair of mourning doves. Then came the bubbling song of the house wren - although it turned out there were several. I am so happy to see them back!

Yellow Rump Female?
Yellow Rump Male
I spotted a little warbler in the brush near the tree swallow nests at the back of the lower gardens and I am pretty certain it was a Nashville! It had a little white eye ring, olivey back and bright yellow chest and yellow underbelly.

The upper gardens were busy too. Lots of tree swallows and lots and lots of yellow rumps. The mulberry tree that the birds like so much was pruned quite severely, but I guess that was better than taking it down. The gardens are being tilled and I found another robins nest by accident. Will be keeping an eye on it from now on.

As I was leaving, I popped back into the lower gardens where I spotted a quick glimpse of a bluebird. Was it our bluebird? Who knows... But at least there's one around.

And down below is my first attempt at video on our blog. When you click on "play", the video will be a bit more focused, but the main things is we get to hear the song of the catbird.

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