Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nesting Season is Upon Us!

Morning Dove
It was about 50 degrees this morning and fairly overcast when I arrived today early this morning. I was excited to see that the new seed in the meadow is sprouting and looking like a green haze!

I headed right down to the pond in hopes of seeing the wood duck and heard a veritable chorus of bullfrogs that sounded like an orchestra of plucked violin strings at weird intervals. Saw a little kinglet I think, in a branch right over my head. Heard the mallard and then I saw HIM in the middle of the pond. The wood duck I've been yearning for and he was very handsome too. Of course, he sensed my presence and moved as far away as possible and then flew off before I could get a picture. Oh well…

Baltimore Oriole
Down by the river I was happy to see the phoebe in her nest because yesterday at the festival at the park there was a canoe tent right next to the building and I was worried it would freak the mother out but all is o.k. so far. There are at least two robin nests overhanging the river. I don't really understand this because if a baby falls out, there is no chance it could survive. Heard lots of warbling vireos.

The mourning dove we saw building a nest yesterday before and after our canoe trip is now sitting in the nest and you can see her eye peeking through the branches in the picture at top left.

Notice me! I'm a great singer.
In the upper gardens I saw a kingbird and saw lots of oriole squabbles. I know it seems early, but I am pretty certain I saw an oriole couple feeding a baby on the loose. Found a robins nest and a catbird nest with birds in place and I know there's a yellow warbler nest in the same area but haven't located it yet. The parents are very protective of a certain area. Tree swallows still busy feeding their babies and saw a house wren couple chasing each other.

On the way down the path, I saw some movement in a little shrub and caught a very brief glimpse of the Northern parula. I think it was the female as it was more gray than blue.

As I was leaving, I ran into Ian who had just arrived. He saw a magnolia warbler in the scrub near the meadow so I went to check it out. I missed out on that, but then we both saw a black poll briefly, but very close up. Very exciting!

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