Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day!

Bluebird Male
We had a hard frost last night - the grass was all white this morning, so it felt surprisingly warm for 32 degrees this morning. It was nice and sunny.

The gardeners in the newly plotted out area of the lower gardens are starting to turn up and work the soil. A few fences have been erected. It's pretty exciting. I met two very nice people, new to the community gardens and looking forward to the season.

The lower gardens had a lot of robins, tree swallows and song sparrows. As I was chatting with the gardeners, I saw our hermit thrush, "Skulker" fly into a tree and then onto the soil of the new garden area, nosing around for good things to eat. I saw it again in the brush near the two birdhouses (golf course side) which seems to be its favorite spot. Three male cowbirds appeared atop a tree. It's funny how one minute, nothing is there, you turn your head, and the next minute a bunch of birds have arrived! There was a very happy, now almost fully yellow goldfinch singing, high in a tree. Titmice were calling from the woods and a phoebe appeared in front of me but was on the move. Every time I raised my camera, it flitted to another tree.

I live here!
The upper gardens had more of the same, including another phoebe, and some chickadees, and then I saw the bluebird male. Didn't see the female today. He looked splendid in his bright blue coat. The tree swallows are starting to try and stake out their boxes and this one (pictured right) was no exception.

The pond still has our mallard couple and the red-winged blackbird. The phoebe wasn't on its nest when I first looked, but late I saw it fly to the nest. Wondering if she has laid her eggs yet… I could hear a red-bellied woodpecker from across the river. Chickadees were having the best time playing in the trees near the dock.

On my way back I heard tell-tale  twittering and there was a group of juncos. Guess they haven't left yet.


  1. I really like the feather texture of your bluebird picture.

  2. Thanks Matt! I just love the bluebirds. They seem so cheerful - that is until the swallows take over all the nest boxes!