Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wind and sun

Bright windy day in Nahanton Park, with Suzette. We found the first Tree Sparrows of the season and a Fox Sparrow (probably one of several) in the copse near the upper parking lot. Also Juncos, Song Sparrows, and White-throated Sparrows. From the upper garden, we saw this hawk soar by --

-- which the picture shows to be a Coopers Hawk, looking short-tailed on account of the wind. In the margin between pond and soccer field, along with some Chickadees, we found this Golden-crowned Kinglet --

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beautiful Orange-crowned Warbler!

Cardinal Foraging
Clocks turned back and an extra hour of sleep!

Got to the park at 7:15. It was cloudy and gray and about 50 degrees.

Didn't post last week because it was so quiet, but the highlight was a black-throated green in the upper gardens which totally made my day.

Today, the usual seagulls were flying overhead. It was family time in the lower gardens. Along the scrub on the beginning of the path loop were families of house finches and gold finches enjoying tiny little orange berries. The chickadees were in on it too. At least 10 mourning doves paraded along the path. 

Some robins and blue jays, but not in the huge numbers seen previously. Song sparrows were singing and in the distance I could hear a white-throated sparrow and a carolina wren. Several juncos twittered and flew about.

I ran into Mary Lou and we were surprised at how very quiet it was. We walked to the upper gardens which was equally quiet save for a cardinal, some house sparrows and gold finches when suddenly, an orange-crowned warbler appeared in the attractive honeysuckle vine which the hummingbirds love. We got a great view and it was very distinctive with the black line through it's eye, yellow undertail and olive green/gray back. Since we had seen one on Haynes' walk early in Oct., we had to surmise that it was most likely a second one, but who knows...