Sunday, October 13, 2019

Walks in the park

Saturday, Linda Ferraresso led a Brookline Bird Club walk at NP. It started under light rain, but this didn't keep the birds down. There were quite a few Swamp Sparrows

and other regulars, as well as an early Junco. Three Warbler species included this Black-throated Green.

I returned this morning. After a cloudless night with a full moon, I was hoping for a different mix. Perhaps there was. I found a Myrtle Warbler, a Lincoln's Sparrow, and this Palm Warbler

as well as usuals such as this Song Sparrow

But a nice surprise was a flyover Peregrine Falcon. In the meadow I spotted this mantis -- or should I say he spotted me! I think it's a European, not Chinese - you can just make out the black ring on the inside of the arms at the body.