Monday, September 28, 2009

Indian Summer Morning

60 degrees at 7:30 a.m. this morning. Balmy with the sun just starting to emerge. I had to check out the big tree in the lower gardens which lately has become a hotspot for interesting birds.

Saw several song sparrows right away. Then I saw what may have been the fall colored American Redstart. Also saw a small bird with a bright yellow breast but it flitted around so frequently that I really couldn't tell at all what it was. Thought I identified a pine warbler, but it had a white eye ring or spectacle so not 100% sure as I thought they were supposed to be yellow. Very poor quality picture here, but maybe someone can help me identify it. Also saw the red-eyed vireo again. It really has been spending quite a lot of time in the lower gardens!

Saw a great blue heron flying overhead. Had to head down to the pond to see if that's where it was going. Sure enough, there was our friend, wading about looking for something to eat.

In the gardens some of the last flowers in bloom are the sweet peas, dahlias, cosmos and zinnias.

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