Monday, October 12, 2009

Brookline Bird Club Walk

Today was even colder than yesterday! I had frost on my front and back windshield! I think it was about 36 degrees at 7:25 a.m. Arrived at Nahanton early and ran into Haynes. We looked around the lower gardens where Haynes spotted an osprey overhead but it very cold and the birds were quiet. We soon saw our guide Jane Z. in the parking lot. We had a nice group of 8-10 people. Haynes, Bev, Dana, Jane S. and myself were there with some additional birdwatchers whose names I don't know. Someone spotted some cowbirds in the distance as we were waiting for the full group to assemble.

We returned to the lower gardens as a group. The sun was coming out and the birds started moving around. We saw song sparrows, a pine warbler, blue headed vireo, swamp sparrows, white-throated sparrows, a savannah sparrow, house finches, one yellow-rumped warbler and a tiny little ruby crowned kinglet! As we were headed up to the upper gardens Jane S. spotted an unusual sparrow in some brush near the lower gardens. Jane Z. identified it as a Lincoln sparrow which I was really excited to see because Haynes had seen them but never when I was around. He says it's as if they're dressed in a very fine tweed and they did look quite dapper! There seemed to be at least two of them.

In the upper gardens we didn't see much other than a few different kinds of sparrows however Dana saw a double-crested cormorant flying overhead! On the way down to the soccer field we saw several yellow-rumped warblers. It's so funny how one day can make such a difference. Yesterday, they were everywhere.

The group moved on to another park, but Haynes and I took a quick spin around the lower gardens. We saw an Eastern phoebe and a titmouse. We ran into some other birders who had seen a palm warbler in the upper gardens which was nice.

For anyone who's interested, there is going to be another walk with the Brookline Bird Club at Nahanton next Saturday (I'm assuming that's at 8:00 a.m. also?). It's always fun and you also get to hear what people have been seeing on their own.

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