Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Regulars

Today was about 68 degrees and overcast with light sprinkles.

It was pretty quiet but as I explored the lower gardens, I gradually heard from many of our regulars. Saw a gray catbird with a bright red raspberry in his beak, goldfinches, song sparrows, mockingbirds and blue jays.

I saw what I thought was a female yellowthroat, but then I heard it trying to sing. The song wasn't quite right and now I think it must have been a very young male practicing his song. I also saw a flicker and a red-bellied woodpecker.

Wonder if this goldfinch (left) knows how handsome he looks on the yellow sundrops?

I went down to the soccer field to find the same situation that Haynes reported on yesterday - lotsa robins!!!!!!

The pond is looking like a very different environment. Now that the water has evaporated, we are left with blue pickerel growing in a wet field of grass! No wonder we aren't seeing the herons down here right now.

The upper gardens were extremely quiet. No sign of the bluebirds but a lovely, spicy scent was in the air up there. Quite heavenly, like this morning glory (pictured above).


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  2. The spicy scent I smelled at the back of the upper garden was from the grape vines. Some fully ripe grapes in looking very juicy!

    Male Common Yellowthroats are pretty dull - not much different from the female....

  3. Haynes,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. This blog is getting much more fun with a little back and forth!!!!