Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Cold!

American Tree Sparrow
It was 35 degrees this morning at around 8:00 a.m. Partial clouds and sun, but feeling quite chilly.

Several geese were flying in small groups overhead and I think I know where they were going as I saw a large group grazing at the golf course on my way to the park! Guess the word was out about the delicious grass.

Otherwise, the lower gardens had titmice, tree sparrows, goldfinches and juncos, all hanging out together. Of course we also had a mourning dove, blue jays, robins and a male downy woodpecker.

The upper gardens were as quiet as I've seen. I don't think I even saw one bird, but I noticed that the bees have been put to bed for the winter. Each bee hive box has been covered with its insulating black rubber jacket and kept in place with a red belt!

I saw a puddle that had ice in it as well as seeing that the pond was partially frozen. The mallards were all at the far end today as well as some little birds that were darting around on the ice. Couldn't quite tell what they were - possibly sparrows. I didn't realize it was cold enough for ice. Some of the ground seemed frozen, even though that hasn't happened at my house just down the street. Microclimates are very strange.

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