Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day After Christmas

White Throated Sparrow
It was 28 degrees this morning at about 7:15 when I went to the park.

I decided to go for a walk before the "threatened" snowstorm arrives, but it was already coming down lightly and gently - a beautiful morning for a walk.

I walked all around the park and found it extremely quiet and wondered where everyone was hiding. I'm sure they know a storm is coming!

From the upper gardens I went on the path that goes through the woods to the river. Nothing. When I arrived at the dock at the Nahanton Street entrance, I finally heard some little noises. First I saw some chickadees, then some titmice, then some juncos, and then a nuthatch. It was cute how they were all hanging out together - the brave crowd ready to tough out the snow. As I stood and watched, I finally realized that some kind person had thrown some sort of food for them on the ground and that was why they were all congregating there.

Before I knew it, several blue jays had appeared, some mourning doves, a pair of downies, a red-bellied woodpecker and the white throated sparrow pictured above.

Still no sign of the barred owl...

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