Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowshoes, Climbing Equipment and Hazmat Wear Necessary

Panorama of Snow Banks
Today was about 37 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and sunny. Between an insane work schedule the last three weeks and the continuous snow storms, I have not been able to get over to the park and I've really missed it.
Entry to Lower Gardens
With all the snow, I wasn't surprised that they started dumping at the park, but it really was a sad sight to behold. These banks are at least 15 feet high and they are also dumping in our wildflower meadow as well. Can't imagine all the crap that is in this snow that will now be in the environment here. I feel so bad for the birds and animals. I worry about what they will be eating on the ground.
Dumping in Meadow

It was tough walking around without snowshoes. Except for a few well walked paths, it was impossible to walk all around the lower gardens or some areas in the upper because the snow came up to my knees!

I did manage to see some blue jays and robins in the lower gardens as well as a large, beautiful red tailed hawk that was definitely on the prowl.

Down by the soccer fields, I heard a nuthatch and more blue jays. It is quite apparent from the prints in the snow just how many people are using this as a dog park.

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