Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blue Heron Back!

Blue Heron
62 degrees and sunny at the park this morning around 7:00 a.m. I ran into Ian in the upper gardens and we had a nice walk.

The lower gardens were quite quiet - in song and birds! Saw a few song sparrows, robin, baby robins and catbirds. I heard a yellow warbler and house wren but didn't see them. Ian saw a kingbird and one tree swallow.

On the path to the upper gardens I saw a chipping sparrow and then caught a brief glimpse of a warbling vireo of which it turned out there were two. One was stationed in the woods at the back of the upper gardens. Saw a flicker and another kingbird.

Down near the soccer field, we saw a house wren and a baby or two, a female yellow warbler and either a female or juvenile rose breasted grosbeak as well as an eastern phoebe.

In the pond was our statuesque blue heron. I am so happy it's back! We saw another female grosbeak in the woods and it was much crisper in its coloration, so we thought the one we saw at the soccer field was most likely a juvenile.

Walked through the meadow and the woods. We did hear a pee wee and some blue jays, but that was about it.


  1. I was at Nahanton briefly an hour later. Missed the Grosbeaks, but I did see an immature male American Redstart at the back of the upper garden. Also I counted three Eastern Kingbirds.

  2. Haynes, do you think that means the redstarts bred there or do you think they came from somewhere else?

    Sorry we missed you...