Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turkey Takeover!

Wild Turkeys
Imagine my surprise as I headed to the lower gardens and saw two large creatures coming up over the little hill. They walked closer and closer towards me and then headed to the meadow to see if there was anything good to eat.

It was 64 degrees and sunny this morning at 6:30 a.m. and this was such a fun wake up call! As I toured around the lower gardens, I saw mourning doves, robins, swallows, house wrens, bunnies, yellow warblers, song sparrows, catbirds, etc. I didn't see the bluebirds, but I sure hope they are nesting in the box.

House Wren
I've also checked out the cedar waxwing nest two weekends in a row and haven't seen them in there. I'm not sure if they ended up nesting there. Now it looks like the rains have partially ruined the nest. I saw a seagull fly overhead.

The upper gardens mirrored the lower gardens for the most part except for a warbling vireo which I caught a very brief glimpse of before it flew off. The house wren was going crazy singing and is now in the purple box - second brood or different house wren? Who knows. The gardens are looking great and some people have such beautiful flowers like the poppy pictured to left.
Down near the soccer field, I saw baby redwing blackbirds, a phoebe and lots of robins and some yellow warblers.

I was very excited to see that the pond had a beautiful black crowned night heron hanging out with the bullfrogs that scream and jump in the water as I approach. The wood thrush was everywhere and nowhere. I could hear it's beautiful song and just as I thought I might locate it, it would fly across the path to another part of the woods and start singing again.

Mother and father phoebe are off the nest and I'm assuming the babies have flown. Bunnies of every size were there today. Little ones, big ones etc. This one made me laugh. It was so tiny that at certain points it looked as if it was just a head in the tall grass. Hope our friend the blue heron will be back soon...


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  2. Sorry to miss you this morning, Suzette. I parked at Woodcock Meadow because I wanted to look for the Blue-winged Warbler Mary Lou Kaufmann told me she'd seen up there. No luck. I did see the Turkeys, and I did not see the Bluebirds, and I missed the Night Heron (though a Great Blue Heron flew over). There was a Hummingbird in the upper garden and the Eastern Kingbird was at the soccer field. Lots of Wood Thrushes, very few Baltimore Orioles.

    I also crossed Nahanton St and took the Riverwalk to the Wells Av parking lot. Tons of Common Yellowthroats, as usual, and a silent (and hence only probable) Willow Flycatcher.