Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pretty quiet out there...

Common Yellowthroat Female
Today is a little more humid then yesterday and warmer as well, but still, a nice end of summer day. Back to school and the feel of Indian summer is in the air, even after all these years of being out!

Ian and I happened to arrive at the park around the same time, so we walked around together.

The lower gardens were extremely quiet. We saw some mourning doves, a chimney swift overhead, song sparrows, catbirds, goldfinches, mockingbirds and a single cedar waxwing. Some of the gardens are just beautiful with their zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers in bright colors cheering up everything around them. The vegetables are on the wan except for the cool weather crops like broccoli etc.

American Toad
In the upper gardens we saw robins, cardinals, blue jays, flickers, a young housewren and a beautiful common yellowthroat (pictured above) that we got to see several times.

Other than that we saw a wonderful toad or frog (picture at left) as we cut through the woods to the soccer field and a lone house finch in Woodcock meadow. The insects are sounding the call of fall and another summer is almost over.

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