Saturday, October 8, 2011

Migration in Full Swing!

Haynes and Ian
It was 47 degrees and clear when I arrived at the park at 7:15 a.m.

Mary Lou emailed me this week. She saw the yellow-billed cuckoo in the upper gardens. I was hoping I might see it today, but no such luck.

I started around the lower gardens, which was awfully quiet. Finally caught a glimpse of a chickadee, some song sparrows, a mockingbird and some robins. I did see some warbler activity in the oaks bordering the golf course, but they were so far away and active, that I couldn't identify. I decided to try the upper gardens when I heard some twittering and couldn't quite place it. I looked up and saw a couple of juncos! It seemed rather early. It's funny how exciting it is when you first see them.

Thankfully, Ian showed up. Its so nice to have an extra set of eyes. Together we saw two catbirds, house finches, a Lincoln sparrow and then some warblers, one of which was a ruby-crowned kinglet.

White Crowned Sparrow
As we approached the upper gardens we saw more warblers and were trying to identify them when Haynes appeared and then a very nice woman, Judy. Between the four of us (in addition to the birds previously mentioned) we saw: female parulas, kinglets, white throated sparrows, a Lincoln sparrow, white crowned sparrows, swamp sparrows, chipping sparrows, a palm warbler, a Nashville warbler, goldfinches, an Eastern phoebe, nuthatch, titmice, crows, jays, common yellowthroat, pine warbler, cardinals, an indigo buntings.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings!

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