Sunday, May 6, 2012

Magnolia Warbler!

Today was quite foggy early in the a.m., but by the time I left, it was beautiful and sunny.

I'll keep this short as many of yesterday's sightings were similar.

A spider's work
Saw the Nashville again in the big tree in the lower gardens and heard it singing. Several black and white warblers were in various spots around the upper and lower gardens. While looking at one in the woods, as I walked the path to the upper gardens, I saw a different warbler with a lot of black, white and gray and at first I was thinking it was a yellow rump, but then I realized the yellow wasn't just a splash under the wings and it wasn't on the tail, it was predominant, and there were quite a lot of dark spots near its throat. I took out my Sibley and it was definitely a Magnolia warbler! Later, saw a palm warbler skulking in some shrubbery.

A little, dark brown mole made its way around the edges of some of the gardens. Guess it was good the gardeners didn't see that!

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