Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hooded Warbler

Solitary Sandpiper
The big excitement this past Thursday was an email from Haynes. He and Mary Lou had a close encounter with a hooded warbler at the back of the upper gardens! I've never seen one myself except in books.

Today was about 61 degrees with a few clouds. I arrived at the park and shortly encountered Mary Lou, then Haynes, Ian and then Robin and friend from the BBC.

In the lower gardens, we saw our usual friends; robins, blue jays, song sparrows, chickadees, house finches, goldfinches, mourning doves etc. Was taken by surprise when a hummingbird zipped by. The hummers at my house have been gone for at least a week now. Then we caught a quick glimpse of a Western palm warbler. By the time the others had arrived, an American redstart male was spotted in a tree as well as some chipping sparrows. Robin saw a Philadelphia vireo!

In the upper gardens we were treated to a beautifully bright Nashville warbler which others had seen in the lower gardens as well. A downy and Eastern phoebe were seen.

On our way to the pond, we were able to see a pine warbler and a blackpoll and to compare the two as they are so similar looking in the fall (hard to tell from this spring picture)! Learned about the streaked back and the difference in tail length and shape from covert feathers to tip of tail.

Apparently the solitary sandpiper has been quite pleased with the quality of food in our pond! It has been hanging out here fairly regularly now.

We couldn't resist one more turn around the lower gardens as the clouds cleared out and it turned into a gorgeous day. We saw a ruby crowned kinglet, although it's crown wasn't showing. As we were about to leave, Mary Lou saw a black-throated green and Haynes saw a blue headed vireo.

Can't wait to see what turns up next Sunday, September 30th at 8:00 a.m., Nahanton Street Entrance on the bird walk with Haynes Miller and Alison Leary. Check out the website for more details:

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