Saturday, December 29, 2012

Calm before the storm...

Though I love walking around Nahanton after a pretty snow, I wasn't sure what was in store, so I decided to go Saturday before the storm.

I got there much later than usual - around 8:30 a.m. It was 29 degrees and overcast.

I've been reading about Haynes' sightings of the red shouldered hawk and was wondering if I might encounter it, which sadly, I didn't.

The lower gardens had a thin layer of snow and was very quiet when I first arrived. Hanging around for awhile, a few birds started to reveal themselves. A song sparrow appeared, then some robins, and a few goldfinches. There was a tree covered with starlings which happened around this time last winter and three seagulls flew overhead.

I decided to take the path by the swamp to get to the upper gardens and immediately heard a Carolina wren calling. In search of it, I discovered a tufted titmouse, but never did see "Caroline". Still hoping to see an owl again but didn't, except that I suddenly noticed something large flying overhead, but it was so fast, I had no idea what type of bird it was. The gardens were deadly quiet - just a few chickadees and a downy hanging around the edges of the woods.

Down by the dock I saw a lovely hoodie couple parading down the river looking très elegant! A raucous blue jay screamed from a nearby tree. Half a dozen little white throated sparrows were searching for food, hopping along the ice that formed in the sometimes swampy area on the side of the river path. I even saw one slip a little and thought of them having little ice-skates with scarves wrapped around their necks, flapping in the wind, having a gay old time skating around the miniature pond!

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