Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nesting Begins!

American Toad
52 degrees and sunny around 7:30 a.m.

As I got out of the car, I was greeted by three cowbirds strutting and courting a female.

I headed to the lower gardens where the house wren just can't seem to stop singing! He really loves his house. There were several catbirds, robins and song sparrows. Was surprised when I saw a male house sparrow. We really don't want them to move in to the park. Yellow warblers were singing from all over and are busy building their nests. I happened upon one near the golf course side. The nests are actually a lot larger then I would have thought and they look very cozy. Apparently the nest is mainly made of grasses but then on the outside she will use soft plant fibers, feathers, spiderwebs and dandelion down. Saw some barn swallows - seems they might be nesting somewhere nearby? I got a nice view of a warbling vireo, high up in an oak tree and some goldfinches.

Eventually, I ran into Mary Lou. In the upper gardens we had a nice view of a striking magnolia warbler and the male rose-breasted grosbeak singing from a very high branch in a huge oak tree at the back of the gardens. He was out in the open and his breast was almost glowing in the sun. Also saw some cute titmice.

We cut through the woods where we heard the ovenbird calling. I think Mary Lou saw it, but I missed it. The wood thrush was singing through the woods near the JCC, but we could hear him from across the soccer field. Mrs. Phoebe is sitting in her nest. I'll bet by next weekend, she'll be feeding her babies.

At this point Mary Lou and I split up. I really wanted to back to the upper gardens and she wanted walk
Incognito Woodchuck
through the woods. As I headed back to the soccer field area, I was thrilled to hear the pee o wee of the peewee. They're back! Raspberries starting to bloom. Can't wait to eat some if I can get to them before the birds! The upper gardens were rather uneventful, save for a flicker and this creature that thought I couldn't see him!

Found a note on my car from Mary Lou. She saw a scarlet tanager, a Swainson's thrush and also heard the peewees!

Postscript: Got an email from Donna Cohen. She had a great-crested flycatcher on a post right near her garden!

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  1. I didn't know that about yellow warbler nests. I'll have to find one sometime. I'm very much missing scarlet tanagers.