Thursday, July 4, 2013

During the Heat: 4th of July Birding

Eastern Cottontail
 I think Haynes had the right idea with an early start today; 10:30am was already on the warm side and like this rabbit, sitting in the shade sounded best. In addition to Haynes' list, I had a Red-Bellied Woodpecker and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The ruby-throat was in the upper gardens, my first for the year. While this hummer's back was towards me and at some distance, I was reminded how stunningly colored they are in just the right light.  Notably I missed the black-and-white warbler and common yellowthroat.

Yellow Warbler

This Yellow Warbler in the lower gardens had just finished taking a bath in the puddle by the water tap. He looked quite damp and was busy preening and shaking water from his feathers.

House Finch

Juvenile Chipping Sparrow

This little House Finch just held still and posed for me, showing off his bright red coloration.

Am I correct in identifying this as a juvenile Chipping Sparrow? Sparrows are always a little confusing to me.

White-tailed Deer

Sometimes its hard to tell who is more startled at a given encounter, myself or the animal . But today I am certain that I was more startled when I looked up and found this deer just barely into the woods.


  1. NIce photos, Matt! The sparrow does look like a juv chipper. We'll be seeing more of them as fall comes along!

    1. Thanks Haynes. Its always nice when someone else can confirm an ID. I should really join a walk this fall.

  2. Love the pics. The deer and rabbit are exactly how I've been feeling with this heat. Just want to relax in the shade.