Monday, September 9, 2013

Trading a Chat for a Bay-breasted

Black-and-white Warbler
Just a brief update:

This morning I decided to swing by Nahanton, as I was inspired by the Yellow-breasted Chat found yesterday. I met Mary Lou, Haynes, and Ryan and they all talked about the warblers this morning, including a Bay-breasted! Other warblers spotted were Nashville, Black-and-white, Redstart, Parula, and a Black-throated Green. But the chat was not to be found this morning. 

Indigo Bunting
I was quite excited for the warblers, but I was apparently too late and missed the show. My only warbler of the morning was this Black-and-white, who I did get to see very well. Flickers, Blue Jays, and Cedar Waxwings seemed to be every where in the gardens and a surprise Osprey flew over as well. Fortunately Ryan pointed out an indigo bunting in her warm brown plumage. Otherwise it was mostly the usual park birds. 


  1. Matt, so glad you saw the indigo bunting. I hope it sticks around until next weekend. And so glad you got a picture of the black & white as well as the indigo. Mine were all blurry and too far away.

  2. What looked like the same Indigo was still there today along with a Wilson's Warbler and, briefly, what looked like the same female BT Green Warbler from yesterday. In the lower garden there was a Philadelphia Vireo for a few minutes. Also a flyover Solitary Sandpiper and GBB Gull.


    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for the update! Hopeful some will still be around next time i can make it over there