Sunday, May 18, 2014

Apple blossoms fading...

Northern Parula
I was hoping it would be a nice day when I saw a deer meandering through the woods as I drove down to the parking lot. That always puts me in a good mood. They're such beautiful creatures.

It was 53 degrees and sunny at 7:00 a.m.

Sadly, the apple blossoms that the warbler wave was feasting on was on the wane, but still one parula was not to be put off. In the lower gardens were catbirds, yellow warblers, tree swallows, orioles, cowbirds and goldfinches. I could hear a red-bellied woodpecker calling from some nearby trees. Also heard
Scarlet Tanager
a red-eyed vireo's song, but couldn't locate it. Mourning doves, robins and a cardinal were there and surprisingly, I saw 3 rough-winged swallows in a puddle on the path!

I ran into Mary Lou and then Paul and later Barbara! In the upper gardens were house wrens, blue jays, songs sparrows and yellow warblers, nothing too earth shattering.

Down by the soccer field was a warbling vireo and more yellow warblers. Saw one oriole tending to it's nest. Saw one male wood duck in the pond. At the river, we saw a rose-breasted grosbeak. The meadow was quiet save for some grackles.

Peewee Singing
We walked through the woods by the JCC where towards the end of the path, we saw a Peewee, Scarlet tanager and heard the incessant calling of an ovenbird which for the life of us we couldn't locate. Also heard a great-crested flycatcher which was nice.

And a little stand of lady slippers was in bloom. They are so very spectacular!

As I returned to my car, there was a note from Mary Lou. She had seen a prothonotary warbler across the river!!!!!!! Too bad I missed it.

We are so lucky to have this park...

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  1. Suzette, Your beautiful post says it all. I am very grateful for memories of walking with you in this cherished place. We are lucky, indeed!