Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wood Duck Couple!

Chickadee exploring possible nest site
Got to the park at 7:30 a.m. It was 38 degrees, clear and sunny. Ian pulled up right after me so we walked around together.

The lower gardens were inundated with tree swallows as is usually the case this time of year. We heard a beautiful song and as we tried to figure it out, we saw the fox sparrow sitting in the sun on a branch in the crab apple tree to the left of the gardens. They're still around.

The cowbirds were there - three males to a female, high up in the bare tree tops. Ian caught a glimpse of a house finch and a flicker. Our usuals were there as well; song sparrows, cardinals, chickadees and robins.

The upper gardens were filled with robins and tree swallows. There were also song sparrows , titmice, more cowbirds, red-winged blackbirds, juncos, goldfinches and blue jays. A pair of blue herons flew overhead. They're back!

The soccer field was covered with even more robins and several crows. We had a beautiful view of the red-bellied woodpecker on a trunk, his red cap brilliant in the sun. The pond yielded a pair of wood ducks, the male looking very elegant for breeding season. A pair of mallards preened themselves on a log protruding from the shallow depths.

The river was fairly quiet - some blue jays, crows, song sparrows and mourning doves. Sadly there was a dead Canada goose floating in the water near the dock. That was a disturbing sight. Woodcock meadow and the path by the JCC were pretty quiet as well - some cowbirds and a few chickadees.

Things will be heating up pretty soon! Can't wait.

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