Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quick Visit

It was 31 degrees this morning at about 7:30. The sky was clear. A little nip in the air, but not too bad for January.

I did a quick walk around the park. It was extremely quiet in the upper and lower gardens. Didn't actually see one bird, except for Canada geese that were flying in groups overhead.

I headed down to the soccer field, where at least the sun which was low, was starting to rise and shine on a few areas. This did seem to bring out some of the birds.
Red-bellied Woodpecker

There were several flickers and a Red-bellied woodpecker as well as a flock of goldfinches that seemed to be finding a lot of food on the ground next to the pavement right near the soccer field entrance. The pond is frozen and saw very little near the river today.

Puzzled-looking Titmouse
I headed back to the soccer field as it seemed to be the only area with much activity. Eventually, I saw a song sparrow, a robin, a blue jay and some titmice. Now that the leaves are off the trees, I found the remnants of the warbling vireo nest spotted during the June Doin' event last summer.

Ran into Bev who had been to Plum Island with the BBC. I mentioned that Haynes was there too and she said she had run into him and other birders. She mentioned everyone saw a snowy owl. Wish I had been able to go!

I'd like to let our readers know that the renewed interest in restoring Woodcock meadow is moving along. Two documents have been drafted by Jon Regosin and are currently under review before submitting to the City. The Newton Conservators and the Friends of Nahanton Park will be starting fundraising efforts in the next month or so. Once the donation link is established, we will be posting it on our website:

P.S. It was so great to hear from fellow blogger Matt (see posting below from New Years Day).

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