Sunday, September 4, 2016


Song sparrow munching on seed
7:00 a.m., 60 degrees, cool, clear and sunny - the promise of a beautiful day.

As I was so early and the sun was just coming out in the upper gardens, I headed up there first for a change. It was extremely quiet save for a fair number of robins, a cardinal couple, some catbirds, song sparrows, goldfinches and hummers. The lack of rain is taking it's toll - especially on trees, plants and shrubs that aren't getting watered by the gardeners.

Tithonia aka Mexican Sunflower
Then headed down to the lower gardens where things started to be a little more active. Goldfinches glittered in the sun while a ruby red cardinal glowed from the sun hitting it at just the right angle high up in a tree. The birds were mostly the same as above with the addition of some chipping sparrows, a female common yellowthroat, downy woodpecker and a blue jay. I heard the telltale buzz and looked up to see a hummer not two feet from my face, but it was too close for my zoom lens to pick up. Then it found another hummer and they gleefully chased each other around. A common yellowthroat appeared and was busy checking out each plot to see what seeds might be to its satisfaction.

As I was about to leave the lower gardens, I saw a squirrel and caught him red-handed! He was climbing out of someones garden and was about to go down the outside of the fence. He had the hugest yellow-orange tomato in his mouth. He looked at me and scurried down the fence and when he hit the ground, he dropped the tomato and ran into the woods. The little scoundrel!

The flowers in the gardens are mature and so colorful. What a beautiful time of year.

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