Thursday, October 5, 2017

Wednesday's surprises

The last couple of days have brought some nice surprises at Nahanton Park. Wednesday morning wasn't as birdy as the weekend walk, but at the end of the upper garden the bird below flew up to me.

What is this bird? Surely a Magnolia Warbler? But what's with the white throat and handlebar mustache? And it didn't seem to show the flashy yellow rump and tail pattern of Magnolia. Perhaps a hybrid - but Magnolia and what? Answer (thanks to Lisa Standley): not Magnolia, but rather a very white-chinned Prairie Warbler.

Nearby there were these three birds: pop quiz, what are they?


  1. ooh, what fun! o.k. here goes my guesses...
    1. Savannah
    2. Lincoln (he's in his Harris tweeds)
    3. Townsend? Or am I way off?

    1. Yes! Yes! But, hey, Townsends would be a Good Bird here in the east. Want to try again?

  2. Ok my final offers: blackpoll first, then pine