Monday, December 28, 2009

High Excitement!

30 degrees and slightly overcast. Not much going on in the lower gardens. Upper gardens was a different story! Chickadees, mockingbirds, downies, nuthatch, goldfinches, house finches, tree sparrows, white-throated sparrows, blue jays and song sparrows. Then, I saw our bluebird! Can we now say that he must winter over here? While I was watching, he checked out three bird houses and then ended up in the big tree in the upper gardens surveying his territory.

Now that was enough for me, but I needed some exercise and decided to walk down the path from the gardens by the beehives into the woods and around by the Charles. I had only walked ten to twenty feet when I couldn't help but notice this very large presence right in front of me. Now I know this can't be the great horned owl. I would have to guess the barred owl, but the book said they have a brownish look to them and this seemed more white with brown streaks. At any rate, it was absolutely spectacular and very accommodating as he/she let me take it's picture!

I did the loop around the Charles and on my way back through the soccer fields I saw a group of titmice munching on berries, some robins and what I think may have been a hairy woodpecker. It seemed larger then the downy, and the beak seemed a little different, but seeing as how I am not an expert, I won't commit 100%.

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