Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree Sparrows and Goldfinches

7:15 a.m. and 42 degrees. Pretty gray out. Rain predicted for this afternoon and then turning to snow this evening.

The lower gardens is covered with goldfinches. They have covered a certain kind of wildflower in a large patch and it's so quiet you can hear them munching and foraging around! There are too many for me to count.

The upper gardens had several tree sparrows and a song sparrow concentrated in one garden that they seemed very enamored of. There was something delicious in there and it was fun to watch them congregating and munching and talking to each other. It was like a social club! Caught a glimpse of the red-bellied woodpecker on the edge of the woods next to the path. The squawking mocker was there as well and it became his mission to chase a bright red cardinal all around the garden. There were blue jays, robins, and nuthatches in various areas of the park, but that's all I saw.

I ran into Ian right before I had to leave, and he had seen a golden-crowned kinglet in the lower gardens!

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