Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deer Friend & Others

I was so hoping to see the deer again. This female was happily grazing in our controversial meadow. I also noticed a purple cone flower blooming. Haven't noticed those in past years. I really am very optimistic about the growing variety of wildflowers here.

I decided to head right down to the pond in search of the blue heron.

On the way down, there was a red-breasted grosbeak sitting on the fence by the soccer field. We haven't seen them in a while and I am so glad they are still there.

There were some joggers ahead of me and I was afraid their noise would frighten the heron, but I lucked out. There was a blue heron that was in several hunting positions - very entertaining to watch as well as a black crowned night heron. I think the black crowned heron sensed my presence and it flew to a tree at the far side of the pond. Later, another black crowned flew in which is the first time I've seen two there!!  Lots of mallards enjoying the low water level of the pond. The ducks could almost be heard eating and smacking and the blue heron was clearly catching fish very easily!

I took the trail that follows the Charles River which was pretty quiet except for a warbling vireo and up to the back of the gardens where I ran into a birding couple from Watertown. Together we saw some baby yellow warblers and two wren families busy feeding their babies. The bluebirds were busy attending to their second family in the house, but not sure what stage their at - maybe recent hatchlings? I think I saw the juvenile bluebird and it looked like something was wrong with one of it's eyes so not sure if it will make it to adulthood. That would be so sad. We also saw an oriole baby, goldfinches, robins and the usual.

Down in the lower gardens I'm sure I heard cedar waxwings but didn't see them, although I know the birding couple did. Also saw this bird. Can anyone identify it? I thought it might be a juvenile brown thrasher or flicker? because of its long beak. It had a little bit of white around it's wings and chest. Any ideas????

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  1. Great observations and great photos, Suzette!

    The bill on the mystery bird isn't too long for it to be a juvenile European Starling, I think.