Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pleasant Weather - Finally!

Mackerel Sky
It was cool, but beautiful this morning and all our regulars were around.

Of interest today in the lower gardens were a couple of white throated sparrows foraging near the edge of some scrub. I ran into Haynes down there and I hope he sees them.

Flicker Couple
I heard the phoebes in the woods at the edge of the upper gardens (driveway side) and eventually saw them - one hanging out there and one at the edge of the woods near the swamp area.

The highlight today for me was when I arrived at the path to cut through the woods to the soccer field. I had only walked a few steps when I saw a very reddish brown bird sitting on a low scrub branch not five feet away. I am sure it was a veery, but it seemed awfully early. As I reached for my camera, it flew off.

Saw a pair of flickers in the upper gardens and also down near the river. They were inseparable today. If one flew off, the other followed.

Can't wait to find out what Haynes sees today if he posts.

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