Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yellow Rumps Here!

After seeing the mysterious little warblerish bird yesterday down by the river, I had a funny feeling they'd be arriving soon, so on my way home from an early swim, I stopped by the park. Saw some birds high above me down near the soccer field and had a feeling they were warblers but didn't have my binoculars and could only see them from underneath. Quickly drove home to retrieve the binocs and hurried back hoping the rain would hold out.

At first, I couldn't find them again, but all of a sudden in a large tree set back from the soccer path on the pond side, there were at least a dozen or more yellow rumps flitting all around. The viewing was a little difficult because they are so small and they were so high up in the tree and the light was very dim and gray. I think there may have been other kinds of warblers in this group but it was too difficult to identify under these conditions.

Yippee!!!! They're here. I'm so excited.

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