Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gray Day...

It was overcast today and a little drizzly and cool - in the 60's. 

The birds are so much like us - they definitely seem more upbeat on sunny days. The lower gardens had most of our regulars: goldfinches, song sparrows, tree swallows, yellow warblers, robins, catbirds, orioles and a couple of rabbits. I was very excited when out of some bushes a tiny little ruby throated male hummer flew right at me and I had a great view of his bright red throat! The invasive wild roses were blooming along with some beautiful pink native roses and there was a luscious fragrance in the air.

Tree Swallow Looking like a Penguin
The upper gardens seemed rather quiet  today with house wrens, titmice, robins and others. I couldn't help but take a picture of this tree swallow (to right) sitting on its box. Photographing it head on, it reminded me of a tiny penguin, so I felt compelled to add a little bow tie to its photo.

Down near the river I was surprised to see a wood thrush foraging in some brush. I hope it's in breeding mode. Saw and heard our warbling vireo singing again but the leaves now obliterate the view of the nest. It appears as if the phoebe is nesting again at the Nature Center and I hope her first brood was successful. The morning dove is not on its nest anymore down near the dock and the clump of twigs is sort of falling down out of the tree. Maybe it wasn't a great spot after all.

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