Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Very Own Migrant Has Returned - Haynes is Back!

Baby Robin Waiting for Food!
Gorgeous day today! 53 degrees and sunny at 7:00 a.m. As I drove in, I could see that Haynes was back and checking everything out. He's been gone for a month!

I caught up with him and we walked up the path to the upper gardens. We caught a glimpse of a couple of deer. Lots of yellow warblers chasing each other around and hummingbirds. Saw that chickadees have nested in the box closest to the path. Guess the tree swallows are done for the season. Haynes saw nesting house wrens in the lower gardens.
Scarlet Tanager

We heard a warbling vireo, saw tree swallows, goldfinches, wrens, a common yellow throat, orioles, catbirds and Haynes heard the red eyed vireo. There was much excitement and discussion with another birder about a flycatcher and whether it was a willow, yellow bellied or least flycatcher. It was finally decided that it was most likely a least flycatcher.
Lady Slipper Orchid
Down by the river we saw the morning dove still sitting on its nest over the dock. It looks as though the phoebe babies have flown the coop successfully as the nest is now empty. We saw a warbling vireo in its nest high up in a tree on the edge of the river bank. Haynes showed me an area in front of the Nature Center where he had seen a snapping turtle laying its eggs!

We walked through the woods to the JCC and discovered a colony of lady slippers! I had no idea we had them growing in these woods (we found another colony next to the JCC parking lot where we also heard pine warblers). We got a great look at a scarlet tanager high up in a tree. Sorry that my picture doesn't do it justice, but hopefully you will see the flash of his striking red color as he sang his heart out. Also, heard the pee wees.

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