Sunday, February 26, 2012

Skulker Seen and New Nest Boxes!

Skulker (our hermit thrush)
Having returned from 5 days on Longboat Key, Florida it was a rude awakening to arrive at the park! Having experienced temps of 80's, lots of sun and the most beautiful birds, I was at Nahanton, freezing (28 degrees) and desperately looking for signs of life!

I  was greeted by a flock of juncos in the parking lot and a couple of song sparrows. Finally saw a couple of chickadees and heard a nuthatch and some titmice down near the soccer field as well as this mockingbird pictured to right.

Not one duck in the river (who could blame them). Finally saw some robins and a goldfinch in the scrub near the picnic tables. As I was leaving to walk the path by the river, I saw a lone tree sparrow foraging with the juncos. Were they the same juncos I had seen earlier or a different flock? I was happy to see the tree sparrow as I haven't seen one in several weeks.
American Tree Sparrow

No signs of life in the upper gardens, which for me has been true much of the winter. The lower gardens have been a little more fruitful. We had the starlings that have been here for a while, some robins and the house finch family.

As I was staring into the brush, I suddenly saw the hermit thrush (pictured top, left) that I believe Matt had seen a while ago. I was so surprised when he reported it that we would still have a hermit thrush deep into the winter, but there he/she was, skulking in some shrubbery. Totally made my day!

Later I met Brian and Phillip at the park. Brian installed a Great Crested flycatcher nest box and two bluebird boxes. Check out the Nahanton Park Facebook posting as well. We're very grateful for the time and energy Brian and Phillip have spent installing nest boxes each year and also maintaining and cleaning them out each spring. Thank you!!

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