Sunday, March 4, 2012

Woodcocks Here!

Brian told me he had heard that woodcocks have been seen in Massachusetts, so I had to check it out this evening. And there they were!

I arrived at 5:30 and about 5:50 I heard the first peent. Then there was a flurry of flying all around me. Afterward it seemed to die down quickly until I finally realized they had moved to a different part of the meadow. They kept changing locations, but it was so much fun to hear and see them perform their dance.

Below is short video…(mostly auditory, but one flies by)

On Saturday, I had the shock of my life as I headed from the parking lot to the lower gardens. Sometime between last Sunday and this Saturday, half of the lower garden area had been completely cleared! I'm assuming these will be Newton Community Garden plots run by the City. I'm glad the City was organized this year and that it was taken care of before nesting season.

Otherwise, in addition to our regulars, it seems some red winged blackbirds have arrived.

P.S. I've added a new blog to our bloglist. Susan A., who used to be on the board of the Newton Conservators, moved to Long Island a few years ago. She now has a new blog called The Tangled Wood. I think you will enjoy reading her thoughts on nature as she untangles and restores a wooded area near her home.

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  1. That is quite exciting to hear about the woodcocks! I'll have to get up there soon.