Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arriving Daily!

It was only 37 degrees this morning and sunny at 7:00 a.m. A perfect morning to be greeted by the song of a happy, yellow warbler!

The ancient crabapple tree in the middle of the lower gardens, was a very attractive spot for the yellow warbler, several yellow rumps, song sparrows and others. I heard a strange song and looked to my right and there was my first Nahanton catbird of the season. It's song was so strange, that I have to think it was a first year.

Yellow Rumped Warbler Male
The yellow rumps were plentiful today and as I was taking some pictures, Haynes appeared and shortly after, Ian joined us. The red winged blackbirds were very plentiful and spouting off every chance they had. Song sparrows were tipping their heads back and singing away. We saw some Savannah sparrows, tree swallows, mourning doves and of course the bubbling house wrens flitting from here to there - I've decided to call them little "Napoleons" since they are so little, but so strong and fierce! We heard the song of a white throated sparrow coming from the brush. Haynes spotted wood ducks flying overhead, recognizing them the the females white patch near the eye. Blue jays were making a racket.

We headed to the upper gardens and saw a couple of chipping sparrows in yet another crabapple. They sure are popular with the birds this time of year. Saw a ruby crowned kinglet in some brush below.

A goldfinch was singing from the top of the mulberry tree as it surveyed the area and a red bellied woodpecker purred from the woods. A warbling vireo could be heard as it flew from one tree to another. Cardinals, flickers, chickadees, tree swallows and titmice were heard and seen. 2 new beehives appeared which is good news for the gardeners!

Down by the soccer field, Ian spotted a beautiful black and white warbler. We were hoping for wood ducks in the pond, but it was quite devoid of any kind of water fowl, at least while we were there. Mrs. Phoebe is sitting on her nest and we are thinking that the eggs should be hatching very soon. It seems like it is time.


  1. I love the yellow-rump picture, it really captured his yellow patch and the brown streak of color in his wing is really cool. I've never seen that before, I wonder if he didn't completely molt?

  2. I don't know about the brown streak, but I was surprised he ended up being so cooperative. They don't usually sit still for a second.