Saturday, April 7, 2012

Must be love!

I'm just so into you!
40 degrees and cloudy this morning.

New composting bins appeared in the scrub area adjacent to the driveway where we had tons of invasive black swallowwort. That will be a definite improvement and it saved a lot of back breaking work.
Eastern Phoebe

The lower and upper gardens were filled with tree swallows, circling in the sky, socializing and getting ready for breeding season. I saw one fly to a tree, pick off some dead foliage and carry it to one of the boxes to start nest building.

Song sparrows were singing, along with goldfinches, cardinals, titmice and robins. Saw a lone cowbird in the mulberry tree in the upper gardens as well as a nuthatch and phoebe. No sign of the bluebirds today. Juncos still around!

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