Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Bird Walk!

Early arrivals to Mother's Day Bird Walk
It promised to be a rainy day, but it looked like it was holding off as we gathered at the Nahanton Street entrance for a walk with Alison Leary and Haynes Miller.

Considering the dreariness and threat of rain, everyone was a bit surprised when over 18 people showed up!

Female Cowbird
We started down by the river, where we saw a black and white warbler, cardinals, catbirds, a white breasted nuthatch, orioles, mourning doves, downy woodpeckers. We may have seen and definitely heard a warbling vireo, and red-bellied woodpecker. I also saw this female cowbird which I am now noticing in my neighborhood. Have they always been here or are they becoming more urbanized?

The rain came in fits and starts. When it was heavy, we watched from under a large tree. Eventually we headed toward the pond and soccer field. Once down there, we saw red-winged blackbirds, more catbirds, canada geese overhead, grackles, tree swallows, yellow warblers and some goldfinches. Someone saw the female red-breasted grosbeak. Haynes spotted a Northern waterthrush but unfortunately, the rest of us were too late! However, we had a great view of a male common yellowthroat in a nearby shrub. Their black mask could make you think of the lone ranger or Halloween! I love their coloring. We saw one Savannah sparrow and song sparrows. In the lower
House Wren
gardens were several pairs of tree swallows all guarding their houses. I noticed one pair had gotten kicked out and was replaced by one of our bubbly, but aggressive house wrens who was happily singing! Of course there were, orioles, song sparrows, a red-tail hawk, goldfinches, and a wood thrush which I missed.

Sadly, the mulberry tree has been taken down. The city was worried it was getting too dangerous. At least we got an extra year out of it. Our big thrill in the upper gardens was a black-throated blue warbler which we got a really good look at. Saw another common yellow throat and a blue-gray gnatcatcher which is always nice. Seagulls occasionally flew over head. All in all, despite the rain, it was a great walk.

Thanks Alison and Haynes!

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  1. I completely agree about the yellowthroat mask! I think they maybe my favorite warbler