Sunday, May 3, 2015

A new path!

The Boyscouts have rebuilt the path system above the lower garden: the old access road up towards the brick building, a cross path over to the edge of the golf course, and a winding pathway back to the side of the lower garden. It's wonderful! A tremendous addition to our park. Thank you!

A morning circuit with Suzette, Ian, and David, brought 34 species. Newcomers: two singing Baltimore Orioles, lots of Gray Catbirds, and a Black-and-white Warbler. Also we refound the Field Sparrow pictured by Suzette last week (or another bird; but at exactly the same spot).

The criminal vandalism of the Ailanthus tree near the lower garden plots has continued: the original girdling has been enlarged. You can see the pile of sawdust at the base of the tree. 

We encountered  a sleepy pair of racoons high in the tree screen between the soccer field and the pond.

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