Thursday, September 5, 2019

Lawrence's Warbler!

I got to the Park late this morning, 9:15 or so, and went to the lower garden. In the scrub near the bat house I saw a flash of yellow and black ... Kentucky Warbler?? I hung around and waited to see it again, and this is what popped out:

This is "Lawrence's Warbler," a cross between Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warbler. It's much less common than "Brewster's Warbler," which displays the dominant traits. Interestingly, Lawrence's Warbler has been reported twice earlier this summer in eastern Massachusetts: once on Plum Island, once in Cambridge. 

After that, I couldn't complain about these guys, in the upper garden:

There was also a Blue-winged Warbler there, but it did not consent to being photographed. Near the Nature Center I caught up with this Spreadwing:

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  1. Amazing photo Haynes! I'm really excited about the Lawrence's warbler you saw.