Saturday, September 14, 2019

Quick visit!

I decided to take a quick trip to the park this morning. Arrived at 8:40 a.m. It was 55 degrees and cloudy.

The lower gardens had several catbirds, blue jays, a grackle, lots of robins, 3 or 4 mourning doves, song sparrows and their short tailed young! Cardinals, downies, at least three flickers and a Carolina wren that I had been hearing, but suddenly appeared right in front of me. I went to aim my camera and it was gone in a flash.

The upper gardens had similar fare. Sadly, the house sparrows have really taken hold over the last several years. I could hear a nuthatch and chickadees, but didn't see them. A common Yellow- throat female perched on a fence, but left in a hurry. I was surprised to see one house wren still there that I'm sure was a young one because of its short tail.

As I was leaving, the house sparrows had taken over a plot that was filled with tall grasses. They were having a field day with the seeds. As I stood and stared, I realized there was a stranger among them. Its body shape and size was different. It was a female indigo bunting. The first I have seen on my own. I hope some day to see the male in full blue plumage.

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