Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crisp February Day

Who can resist this hooded merganser? There were actually three, but I scared off two with my movement. I love his crisp black and white markings.

The park was pretty active today, but mostly with our regulars. The lower gardens were filled with juncos, titmice, cardinals, mockingbirds and blue jays. I walked through the woods, still hoping to catch a glimpse of the owl again, but no luck.

Along the river were several nuthatches scrabbling up and down the tree trunks and some on the ground looking for something good to eat. I heard a red-bellied woodpecker overhead and heard it calling to another. Then I saw them and they flew off together.

An American tree sparrow couple were on a rock nibbling on some little seeds. Ran into a bird photographer named Ilya that saw some brown creepers along the side of the driveway entrance.

I saw Ian's car, but no Ian and ran into Haynes as I was leaving. Looking forward to a possible posting of his list!

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