Friday, April 23, 2010

Confirmation sightings!

I had a feeling things would be heating up and I hadn't even seen Hayne's entry until today!

On arrival heard the house wren in the same area as before but later on I realized there were more and finally caught a glimpse of a male in the trees between the lower and upper gardens. He was singing up a storm and very busy flying from branch to branch.
Pictured above left is a yellow rump. There were several as Haynes mentioned. Also saw at least four palm warblers hanging out in a tree near the meadow and upper gardens. It also contained a female bluebird while the male was perched on the fence below. I then saw them back on their birdhouse, so I'm hoping it's reclaimed, but the tree swallows do attempt to take it over again and again.

Saw a ruby-crowned kinglet down near the soccer field, but haven't seen the wood ducks again.

A goldfinch was in the lower gardens atop that tree the birds like so much down there singing his heart out and looking spectacular.

Brian will be happy to know that there is already a nest in one of the boxes he replaced and it is sure to belong to a tree swallow. I'm so glad they're adapting to the new boxes.

Wish I'd seen that Northern Parula!!!!

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