Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Morning

Well, it was a beautiful sunny morning. Was expecting lots of warblers because of the last few days. We did see some, but not as many as expected. Perhaps the last crew has mostly moved on and new ones will be arriving.

I ran into Haynes right away in the upper gardens. We saw a beautiful palm warbler and a robin sitting in it's nest as well as the bluebird nearby keeping an eye out for it's box. Heard several house wrens too. I thought I had some pictures to upload of the palm warbler, but something went wrong with my camera, so I'll have to do without pics today.

We finally saw our yellow rumps down near the soccer field and in the woods behind the JCC. Mother phoebe is sunken down in her nest and I'm thinking the eggs should be hatching shortly. Saw two beautiful flickers and heard several red-headed woodpeckers. As we headed toward the JCC to look for pine warblers, Ian appeared and joined us! He had seen the first catbird of the season down in the lower gardens and we saw it again at the end of our walk - it was quite vocal.

At the JCC we came across some kind of outdoor dojo with people practicing martial arts. We heard a chipping sparrow and couldn't find it even though we knew which tree it was in. Haynes was able to spot it and we got a good look at him. Heard the pine warbler and finally saw it fly on a bare branch for a great viewing. After that it was here and there and hard to keep track of.

As I mentioned before, a tree swallow has already made a nest in one of Brian's boxes, but it looks like a second box is under consideration by a different tree swallow and saw a chickadee fly out of the third box, so these units may be filled to capacity. We also heard the song sparrow that sings like the field sparrow - almost!

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