Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Exciting Day!

Immediately upon arrival, I heard and saw one of our house wrens in the lower gardens. Actually, I think it was a couple. He is very desirous of a house that I'm pretty sure is and has been in the past occupied by tree swallows. He's even putting sticks in there - so I'll be curious to see what develops with two pretty aggressive birds over this box.

Now, there are many catbirds in addition to the one we saw last week gurgling away. Got to see the yellow warblers myself with their "sweet, sweet, very sweet". It's great to have them back. They love the scrubby areas surrounding the lower gardens as well as the gardens themselves.

In the upper gardens I saw several Savannah sparrows. Saw a pair of cowbirds. The female looked like she wanted to be fed by the male with her wings shuddering and flapping. I don't think it could be a baby cowbird so soon. Does anyone know if this is a special ritual? Also, saw at least three baltimore orioles. Very refreshing to see their bright orange coloring. Did not see the orchard oriole that Haynes saw.

Down by the soccer field and river were more orioles, an angry kinglet, a warbling vireo and a fisherman!

Came back up to check out the gardens again and ran into Ian, met Judy & Chris for the first time and then Haynes as well. Ian spotted an Eastern Towhee in the scrub to the right of the lower gardens. We really don't see that many towhees here so that was quite interesting. Saw more yellow-rumped warblers, Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird and with Ian's sharp eyes the barn swallows that Haynes saw yesterday. Also saw "Lucy" our special song sparrow with the white on her wings!

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